Michelle & Grant // Feature Film

Vancouver Wedding Videographer: Finest Moment Film
Photographer: Katie Cloris
Make up Artist: Jeis Coco
Venue: University Women’s Club of Vancouver

*Scroll down for this film // ???????

Thanks for Katie Cloris Photography for providing the photos.


DSC_1802DSC_1840DSC_27727166514958DSC_279964263016Screen Shot from wedding film:

feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_05_16_19.Still048feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_04_38_15.Still046feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_05_23_14.Still049feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_05_50_19.Still050feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_06_41_16.Still058feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_06_28_09.Still055feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_07_54_09.Still061feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_07_57_02.Still063feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_08_40_09.Still067feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_07_33_17.Still059feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_08_16_21.Still065feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_08_04_21.Still064feature Marissa & Tim_v6.00_07_50_13.Still060


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