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By June 27, 2016 No Comments

What an inspiring company with great personnel! We had the opportunity to work with Erik for a short clip for our wedding and we have to say that we were blown away by how easy he made the entire process. Not only was Erik extremely accommodating to our schedule and responsive,he also gave us a lot of different ideas and feedback during filming. He was also able to try new things to see how they would turn out on film (like running across a beach to be spun around by my fiance after a short sprint..:.and trust me it’s exactly as hard as it sounds lol but super funny to film in the process) that he admitted he was testing for the first time (gotta appreciate his honesty). Some things worked during filming and some things didn’t but Erik would come up with lots of different ideas as he moved along; this is something that we really liked because we came to the realization that we really can’t act “natural” on camera so Erik compensated for that.

Although it was a freezing cold day and I wore a cute summer dress, in the end my fiancé and I had a great time filming the short clip and we can’t wait to see how the clip turns out! We also had a chance to see some of Erik’s other works, like commercials and promo films (for a cafe and club) which we found to be super diverse and both very well done. We highly recommend Finest Moment Film for all your videography needs, especially when it comes to your wedding and/or proposal because we have first hand experience on that and it was amazing 🙂

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