I still remember the first time i met up with Lisi & Xun. They’re a young couple with old souls (perfect for Vancouver :P) They talked how they really enjoys a good walk in the park and living undistracted by UBC area. They believed in good time comes from the smallest things in life, which is what i believe in crafting a good pre wedding film. all the small things count !


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They were couples already back in China and came to Vancouver for the education. Both of them just graduated and this is the end of the journey for Vancouver. It is also why this film is call “Ending, the new beginning”

True story. Every time when i get requested to shoot a pre wedding short film, its a new struggle for me. Knowing i want to shoot every single video slightly differently, it puts a lot of pressure for myself. For couples who already signed with me, bad news for you. Even your project is challenging.

The most interesting part of this pre wedding short film is that I got to film an actual graduation. I was at the Queen Elizabeth theater to capture some very precious moments for them. For this part, I inter cut some scenes where they’re packing up some old text books. I really want to create the feeling of looking back at the years of studying and reviewing the bitter & sweet moments in Vancouver. I want to give the audiences the feeling that they’re ready to move on to the next chapter.

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