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Your Finest Beginning.

Every couple has a unique story to tell and it is all the sweet little details that makes your story beautiful. Our pre-wedding film is a short cinematic that documents and shares the most important moments of your personal love story.

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We believe in experience and story telling. We are a team of enthusiast film makers who always seek to capture those moments during the wedding day. We do not alter the experience that a memorable wedding day should have.

Natural moments have genuine stories. We seek to facilitate in making your genuine moments into history.

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Your Love Story.

Do you still remember the first time you guys met ? Tell us your love stories through our relaxing interview. This is our new approach to engagement session where we will take the couples out on the street for lifestyle shoot and have another session with wedding dress and tux. We’ll edit the engagement session and the interview together to tell the best of your love story.

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Eric was nothing less of incredible. He was with us from beginning to end, having anticipated every detail and hiccups during our event. He understands what we were looking for and through his work you can tell he had spent time to study the couple. Our personality and interaction with each other was portrayed through his work without any need for a script nor an act. He's also managed to make us laugh all day with his quirky humour and we even got bits and pieces of his unique humour style edited into our video! We sincerely enjoyed working with Eric and we would recommend Finest Moment Film to any soon-too-be husband and wife!

David Yao

Erik is AWESOME! Very professional, extremely talented, and he pays attention to all of the little details; he is so good at capturing all of the spontaneous, intimate moments without us staging it, which was truly special. We have been able to share our love story film with our friends and families, and it actually brought some of them to tears!! This tells how good he is~~! Highly Recommended, it's gonna worth every penny!

Michael Chou

Erik is a talented videographer with a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling. I have worked with Erik and his team on Coey and David's wedding. Their passion and their professionalism make them a true pleasure to work with.

Emma Chen