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Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_02_09.Still001Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_29_07.Still004Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_36_16.Still005Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_46_10.Still007

We will be filming Alinda & Ronald’s wedding this summer and it is definitely exciting to place those beautiful footages in their wedding film.

Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_40_08.Still006Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_56_17.Still008Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_30_05.Still011Alinda & Ronald v1.00_00_04_05.Still002Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_40_19.Still012

It is no secret that that filming save the date video at this location& time isn’t as romantic as it looks. It was actually pretty cold.

Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_02_06.Still009Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_05_10.Still010Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_51_07.Still014Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_48_03.Still013Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_58_23.Still015Alinda & Ronald v1.00_01_59_06.Still016Alinda & Ronald v1.00_02_04_18.Still017Alinda & Ronald v1.00_02_09_12.Still018

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